This is what parents and teachers are saying about FUNetic Farm products:

“This program is so awesome! We’ve been trying to teach my son (age 5) the sounds of the letters for the past year but he just never seemed to be able to remember them. Once I started him on your program (FUNetic Farm), he learned all of the letter sounds and names in less than a month.”

Anonymous Mother

“I can’t believe how quickly my child learned to say his letter sounds and names using this resource. It’s incredible!”


“We love the FUNetic Farm! Our students learned the songs and the letter names so easily and it was all so much fun for them! They love the songs and they ask to sing them everyday.”

Preschool Teacher

“My students love the songs and the puppets and I’m amazed at how quickly they learn the sounds of the letters with FUNetic Farm.”

Preschool Owner

“This is just what I needed to teach my 4 year old daughter! Thanks!!”

Anonymous Mother, May 30, 2013

“This is such a complete resource!!! Perfect for my special education kinders!”

Anonymous, December 3, 2013

“Wow, this is great! Songs, video, wall chart cards. This is a great system. Thanks so much for sharing your products. They make it so easy to teach phonics.”

Anonymous, September 14, 2013

“Thanks for the cards. I really like the video training that you provide. Love your stuff!! Thanks again.”

Anonymous, September 14, 2013

“My students have been using these work sheets and love them. We learned letter p today. They loved patty pig. I am using the worksheet and word building in my current preschool.
My students love associating letters with the animals. So fun. Very high quality. Thank you.”

Karolynn Christiansen, Owner of  It’s A Good Day Preschool, January 25, 2017

“I teach second but used it for a student that spoke little English. It worked great!”

Amber Hammond (TpT Seller), January 17, 2017

“If I could leave 10 stars, I would. My kids LOVED this! SO much fun. Truly outstanding!”

Dana W., November 2, 2013

“Do yourself a favor, use this packet! I downloaded the Bingo games and real animal cards too. The children love, love, love to play! I just downloaded these songs and they are a hit! Kudos for a great learning idea that’s simple to do in the classroom and easy for the kids to follow.”

Ann S., October 31, 2016

“I love the graphics and the songs. I can’t wait to use these for the remainder of this year. Thanks for a great product!!”

Sherry G., March 29, 2013

“This is a wonderful pack. It is a quality product.”

Sherri S., February 26, 2013

“Not only a great review, but I love that it provides sign language – a great tool for those more motion type learners. Works great with my ELL kids!”

Meg B., September 8, 2013

“The children in my blended pre-k, k class absolutely love this game. It has been a wonderful resource for learning phonetic letter sounds. Highly recommend! I love this material! I am doing the whole Funetic program!”

Ann S., October 27, 2016

“These readers are awesome for kindergarten kids. Thanks so much. I like them better than Bob Books because the pictures are in color and the price is much better. I also like that there are some black and white books for the kids to color and take home. Awesome Product!”

Anonymous, October 31, 2013


Tara O., October 10, 2016

“This is the greatest activity – I am using it with my deaf/HH cochlear implant kids and they absolutely love it. So interactive and motivating. Great stuff!!”

Mary M., October 19, 2016

“My kids absolutely love playing this in the classroom. Thank you.”

Christine S., September 12, 2016

“A very useful resource. Thank you!”

Anonymous, September 3, 2016

“Helpful for Fall in K or for my student with special needs for Spring!”

Pamela D., March 4, 2016

“My kindergartens love these. Thank you!”

Holly C., February 7, 2016

“One of my favorite purchases.”

Sally W., January 26, 2016

“My students love these!”

Donna J., December 1, 2015

“Great addition to alphabet centers! Love this! Thank you!”

Julianne M., February 26, 2015

“Thank you so much! This is great! Perfect for my Kindergarteners!”

Kinder-is-love (TpT Seller), January 27, 2015

“Using this for my special education students.”

Irene S., January 25, 2015

“These are great I love them and so did my students.”

Dreaming and learning in pre-k (TpT Seller), December 31, 2014

“These [phonics worksheets] are wonderful!”

Michelle P., December 15, 2014

“Very nice and cute…perfect for my kinder students.”

Claudia S., August 23, 2014

“Awesome activity to reinforce letter of the week! Great activity for fine motor skills too!”

Barbara B., August 12, 2014

“This will be very helpful for my children struggling with their initial sounds!”

Kathryn W., May 28, 2014

“I love it for my new non English speakers as well as my students that have some difficulty with beginning sounds.”

Loretta P., April 25, 2014

“This is such a fun learning resource. Thank you.”

Anonymous, April 22, 2014

“[These phonics games are] great for centers in my classroom. Thank you!!”

Stephanie Z., April 3, 2014

“Great literacy centers for word building skills.”

Jennifer M., February 21, 2014

“This packet is WONDERFUL and perfect for teaching CVC words. My students are so good at word building now! Thank you! :)”

The Teacher Wife (TpT Seller), December 3, 2013

“Word building works great in my literacy center and I like the way it coordinates with the mini phonics readers. Another great product! Thanks!!”

Anonymous, October 31, 2013

“Great for my kinder kids! I like that it includes signing the letters (I use them with my kiddos…one more way to get them thinking about the letters, especially my kinesthetic learners).”

Terri Izatt (TpT Seller), October 22, 2013

“My kids love this! Thanks so much!”

Alesha P., October 8, 2015

“This is a simple but very useful tool that is easy to pull out and use with my students! Thank you! I look forward to using more of your creations.”

Anonymous, September 14, 2013

“Love this resource and can’t wait to use it in the classroom!”

Julianne M., August 28, 2014

“Love these worksheets! Perfect for my 3 year olds!”

Christi P., May 14, 2013

“I use these as a center activity to reinforce our letter of the week. Quality work. Thanks!”

Mrs Liddiards Perch (TpT Seller), January 18, 2015

“These are perfect for my daughter’s new class. A great gift. Thanks!”

Donna F., April 9, 2014

“Can’t wait to make these up and have in my classroom for my new beginning readers to have. This will be so exciting for them.”

Deborah D., February 21, 2016