“Halloween Bingo and Sound Effects”

October 27, 2015 |

When I was a kid my mom bought a “Halloween Sound Effects” recording. My siblings and I listened to it every Halloween. This year I wanted to create a Halloween activity, with sound effects, that my school class and and my family could enjoy.  For me Halloween isn’t about creepy and scary, it’s just about fun so I kept the sound effects light hearted and silly.  My husband worked his special recording engineer magic on it and POOOOF!  Here it  is, my “Halloween Bingo AND Halloween Sound Effects” game. 

I wanted to see how different age groups enjoyed the game so first I played it with my preschoolers.  They did amazingly well and had a great time.  Next I played with my husband and teenagers (they liked it too – YAY)!  After that I played it with my good friend’s class of first graders.  They too had a lot of fun.  Their cute giggles at the different Halloween sound effects felt like a big “thumbs up!”  I’m so glad they enjoyed it.  Thanks, Lindsey (The Teacher Wife) for letting me come and play with your awesome first graders!

Next week we’ll be playing “Spook Alley” for our Halloween party.  This is always a class favorite but this year we’ll play it with sound effects.  Happy Halloween!!!

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Calendar Wall and Seasonal Pointers FREEBIE!

September 12, 2013 |

Cal.Wall and Seasonal Pointer

My students each love having their turn to be the “teacher helper” because it means that they get to use the “seasonal pointer” to point to the months of the year while we sing our “Months of the Year” song.

To download this Calendar Wall and Seasonal Pointers FREEBIE, please go to MY STORE @ TEACHERSpayTEACHERS.

The Calendar Wall and Seasonal Pointers FREEBIE also includes the “Months of the Year” song for your class to sing along with.

This FREEBIE is an excerpt from my CALENDAR KIT which includes everything you need for your CLASSROOM CALENDAR plus additional materials for

*Weather and Seasons

*Birthday Celebrations

*Multi Cultural Celebrations from Around the World Throughout the Year.

*Calendar Centers Activities

*Calendaring Activity Sheets

The CALENDAR KIT also includes seven calendar songs:

“Months of the Year”

“Days of the Week”

“Four Seasons in the Year”

“Birthday Hooray”

“Birthday Sun Song”

“Let’s Celebrate”

“Continents of the World”

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Hi friends! This video is a preview of my FUNetic Farm Early Literacy program.

August 22, 2013 |

FUNetic Farm is a phonics-based, early literacy program.  It’s a multi-sensory ANIMAL ALPHABET that children love to SOUND, SIGN, SIGN and SPELL (and eventually read).  The program includes music, cute animal alphabet flashcards, animal alphabet puppets, printable phonics activity sheets I, and phonics activity sheets II word building, manipulatives, kinesthetic learning, American Sign Language fingerspelling, phonics bingo and card game games.  The FUNetic Farm Phonics Intro Kit includes 26 lively animal alphabet songs as well as 26 demonstration videos.

Through simple daily, circle time lessons, songs and activities, children joyfully learn the sounds of all of the letters in just three months!!!  No pressure, no stress, just FUN!  That’s what the FUNetic Farm is all about!

You can find my FUNetic Farm products at MY STORE on Teachers Pay Teachers.

For a FUNetic Farm FREEBIE, go to my store at TpT.  You can make this Animal Alphabet chart into a poster and use it as part of your daily review of letter sounds.  To help your students develop early phonics skills and prepare them for reading, be sure to use letter sounds (not letter names) and use short vowel sounds (not long vowels).

Click Image Below for FREEBIE!

THE animal alphabet front only

In your daily review, you and your students will say the letter sounds as you point to the letters, “a – ant, b – bat, c – cat, d – dog, e – elephant, etc”  To help your students develop early phonics skills and prepare them for reading, be sure to use letter sounds (not letter names and short vowels not long vowels).  Please remember, for more FUNetic Farm FUN, Animal Alphabet songs, games, activities, puppets, phonics worksheets I, phonics worksheets II,and flashcards are all available at MY Store at TEACHERSpayTEACHERS.

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FUNetic Farm Early Literacy Curriculum Launch!

February 26, 2013 |


INTRODUCING:  Animal Alphabet Puppets

by FUNetic Farm!!!

I’m excited to announce that I’m finally publishing my FUNetic Farm (Animal Alphabet). This is a phonics-based Early Literacy Curriculum. You can find it in MY STORE on TeachersPayTeachers. – YAY! It’s been a huge project but it’s finally starting to roll out!

FUNetic Farm is the animal alphabet that children love to sound, sign, sing, spell and eventually read! It is a multi-sensory method that uses fun visuals, lively music, kinesthetic movement, American Sign Language (fingerspelling), manipulatives, activity sheets, word building activities and FUN!

I’ve been developing and tweaking this program for the past seven years.  My preschool students LOVE it and we use it every day in my classroom.  Now, mid-year, my preschoolers know all of the sounds of the letters and are starting to do word building.

I have a few products up now and lots more ready to go.






This 1st letter, Sound Match game “Pin-it.”  The game is “self-correcting” – answers are on the back.








This is a sorting game (called “Sort-It”) also part of the Sound Match games set.  Students sort the phonics pictures under the appropriate letter (according to the first letter sound).


Also available from FUNetic Farm:  Flashcards, Phonics Intro Kit (includes the following: Wall Chart and activities ideas, 26 Animal Alphabet phonics songs, Music demonstration videos), Phonics Activity Sheets, Bingo, Card games, Puppets for Early Literacy , Word Buildingphonetic readers and more!

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Holiday Sounds (Christmas Bingo) with Sound Effects!

December 13, 2012 |

Holiday Bingo Card

Why play Holiday Bingo the old fashioned way when you can play it with SOUND EFFECTS?!  My students love listening to the fun and funny holiday sound effects and finding the corresponding pictures on their bingo cards!  There are 30 unique playing cards and 44 holiday sound effects!  Many people commented on how much they enjoyed playing our Halloween Sound Effects Bingo with their students and with their families so we knew we had to do one for Christmas!  This game is for everyone!  We’ve played Holiday Sounds Bingo (Christmas Bingo with SOUND EFFECTS) with children age 4 up through adults and everyone has had a great time!  Besides being lots of fun, this game also builds skills in auditory and visual processing and memory.  It makes a great game for a class party or a family gathering.

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Christmas Count-Down Chain – FREEBIE

December 7, 2012 |

This Christmas Count-Down Chain is an excellent excuse to get your preschool and kindergarten students to practice counting to 20 over and over again!  First they count up to twenty or twenty five strips of paper that they need to make the chain (one link for every day until Christmas).  Then, as they are making the chain, they put glue on one end of each strip, curve it into a link, connect it to the chain and count to 10 as they hold it in place (this ensures that the links hold together AND gives them more counting practice).  As they construct the chain, they count and recount to see if they have enough links on their chain.  As you can see, they get lots of practical counting experience with this activity (the counting is not forced, just encouraged in a fun way).  Once a student has the right number of links, we tape a real candy cane over the picture of the candy cane.

I also use this activity to teach my students about patterns and I encourage them to make a pattern with their red and green links.

When the chains are completed, students take them home to share with their families.  This gives mom and dad a chance to be involved in the “count down to Christmas.”  Everyday students remove a link of the chain (and everyday they get more counting practice).  On Christmas day they will remove the last link and that means they get to eat the candy cane!  It’s fun to see how excited my kids get about their Count-Down to Christmas Chains (and candy canes)!

Preparation:  Copy one “Count-Down to Christmas Candy Cane Page” for each student (there are two to a page).  This page can be printed in color on white card stock or you can print it on red card stock (with black ink).  Cut 1 inch x 8.5 inch strips of red and green paper.  Students will use these to make their “count-down chains.”  Each student needs one strip of paper for every remaining day until Christmas.  We usually do ours on December 5th so that students can practice counting to 20.  The first link of the chain is glued directly to the candy cane page (centered at the bottom) so that students can build the chain from there.

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