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Calendar Wall and Seasonal Pointers FREEBIE!

September 12, 2013 |

Cal.Wall and Seasonal Pointer

My students each love having their turn to be the “teacher helper” because it means that they get to use the “seasonal pointer” to point to the months of the year while we sing our “Months of the Year” song.

To download this Calendar Wall and Seasonal Pointers FREEBIE, please go to MY STORE @ TEACHERSpayTEACHERS.

The Calendar Wall and Seasonal Pointers FREEBIE also includes the “Months of the Year” song for your class to sing along with.

This FREEBIE is an excerpt from my CALENDAR KIT which includes everything you need for your CLASSROOM CALENDAR plus additional materials for

*Weather and Seasons

*Birthday Celebrations

*Multi Cultural Celebrations from Around the World Throughout the Year.

*Calendar Centers Activities

*Calendaring Activity Sheets

The CALENDAR KIT also includes seven calendar songs:

“Months of the Year”

“Days of the Week”

“Four Seasons in the Year”

“Birthday Hooray”

“Birthday Sun Song”

“Let’s Celebrate”

“Continents of the World”

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One of my FAVORITE Teaching Tools – Our COZY Circle Time Rug!

August 28, 2013 |

circle time3

People have asked me what my favorite teaching tool is. I have to say that it’s my alphabet rug!  It’s one of our favorite classroom gathering places!  What do we do there?  We sit criss-cross applesauce, and everyone sits on a letter.  We sing, we sign, we dance, we read, we talk, we count, we calendar, we laugh, we learn, we grow, we giggle, we SMILE!

I’ve had this rug for eight years and I think it still looks as good as the day I bought it.  You’d never know by looking at it that over 300 pairs of little feet have danced upon it over several school years!

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Hi friends! This video is a preview of my FUNetic Farm Early Literacy program.

August 22, 2013 |

FUNetic Farm is a phonics-based, early literacy program.  It’s a multi-sensory ANIMAL ALPHABET that children love to SOUND, SIGN, SIGN and SPELL (and eventually read).  The program includes music, cute animal alphabet flashcards, animal alphabet puppets, printable phonics activity sheets I, and phonics activity sheets II word building, manipulatives, kinesthetic learning, American Sign Language fingerspelling, phonics bingo and card game games.  The FUNetic Farm Phonics Intro Kit includes 26 lively animal alphabet songs as well as 26 demonstration videos.

Through simple daily, circle time lessons, songs and activities, children joyfully learn the sounds of all of the letters in just three months!!!  No pressure, no stress, just FUN!  That’s what the FUNetic Farm is all about!

You can find my FUNetic Farm products at MY STORE on Teachers Pay Teachers.

For a FUNetic Farm FREEBIE, go to my store at TpT.  You can make this Animal Alphabet chart into a poster and use it as part of your daily review of letter sounds.  To help your students develop early phonics skills and prepare them for reading, be sure to use letter sounds (not letter names) and use short vowel sounds (not long vowels).

Click Image Below for FREEBIE!

THE animal alphabet front only

In your daily review, you and your students will say the letter sounds as you point to the letters, “a – ant, b – bat, c – cat, d – dog, e – elephant, etc”  To help your students develop early phonics skills and prepare them for reading, be sure to use letter sounds (not letter names and short vowels not long vowels).  Please remember, for more FUNetic Farm FUN, Animal Alphabet songs, games, activities, puppets, phonics worksheets I, phonics worksheets II,and flashcards are all available at MY Store at TEACHERSpayTEACHERS.

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