Word Building I – Word Families – for Literacy Centers

October 1, 2013 |

wb on mat

One of my favorite things to teach is reading!  Hearing a young child read his/her first word is like watching a baby take his/her very first step.  EXCITING!!!  After teaching my students the phonetic sounds of  letters, I like to use a time tested and proven pre-reading activity called Word Building.

wb card and pix


Word building is a Montessori inspired activity that helps emergent readers develop essential reading skills (encoding, decoding, analyzing and blending).  It’s a FUN, “hands-on” method that keeps emergent readers actively engaged in the learning process.

I’ve just posted my Word Building I unit on MY SHOP at TpT.  It focuses on VCV words found in the following word families: an, at, en, et, ig, og, ox, ug.

This resource includes detailed teaching instructions, class word building activities and individual word building activities.  There are also worksheets, for those who want to offer a quick review and writing practice.


Word Building I also includes instructions (with pictures) on how to make a magnetic movable alphabet.

wb tray and words

This resource also includes step-by-step instructions (with pictures) on how to make a large pocket chart for classroom word building and classroom sentence building lessons.

sentence building